Special Deals & Promotions

5 for 5 Promotion: We at Your Window Cleaners came up with a new advertising promotion to help with the lowest cost window cleaning service in the industry by offering Five (5) free window cleanings to 5 of our customers (Yes 25 free window cleanings) EVERY YEAR. On September 1st, of every year, five lucky customers will receive 5 free window cleaning’s of their choice just for letting us earn your trust and business. We will hold this promotion every year we are in business. GUARANTEED! So tell your friends and family and let us earn your respect and business for years to come. (To be cleaned by the owner of the company)

Valley Wide Pigeon Removal:

Complete removal & clean-up of all Pigeons/Birds Guaranteed!

299.00 - year round pricing

Includes up to 5 Exclusions with heavy duty gauge wire, bird repellent, clean-up and our 100% guarantee!

Good for: Goodyear, Surprise, Buckeye, Avondale, El Mirage and Litchfield.

Friends & Family: When your friends and family use our service and mention you as the referring person we will give you a 10% discount for every referral that comes from you. (E.G.) If you refer 8 people in a year’s time then you will receive 80% off your next service, 6 would be 60% off, 4 would be 40% and so on. 10 or more is 2 free cleanings of your choice to be used whenever you want. Now what other company offers that on top of the best price & service already? NO ONE, only Your Window Cleaner does! So thank you, we do appreciate our customers because we know without you, we would not exist today.

10% Guarantee: We always provide a 10% discount to Veterans, First Responders and Senior Citizens on all of our services.

Visit our free estimate page on this website and a technician will call you back with a complete estimate.

Your Window Cleaners Pricing

(by the window not the pane like the other guys!)

Up to 30 Windows Inside/Out
1 Story Home $95.00 2 Story Home $140.00
Up to 20 Windows Inside/Out
1 Story Home $85.00 2 Story Home $125.00
Up to 15 Windows Inside/Out
1 Story Home $75.00 2 Story Home $115.00
Outs only on any home up to 30 windows
1 story $65.00 2 story $95.00

Remember, you save more than half the cost by using Your Window Cleaners because we charge by the window and not the individual pane.

Take advantage of our by the "window" pricing and save!

We brush & vacuum all window tracks, sill’s, and bug screens with every inside/out or just outside service at no additional cost.